Hall Rental FAQs

Is the hall available on a certain date?

Email your date, call the bartender at 519-824-1381 or stop in during regular business hours (1:00-7:00 daily) to check availability.

How much does it cost to rent the hall?

Friday – $300 + $100 deposit
Saturday – $400 + $100 deposit
Rest of Week – $250

How may people does the hall hold?
The hall holds 170 people.

For a wedding/sit-down function with catering services, the maximum is 130

Can I bring my own alcohol, pop, water or food?

Absolutely no outside alcohol is permitted on the premises at any time. You may bring your own food. You may bring your own water and pop on Sundays, but if the bar is open, NO OUTSIDE BEVERAGES.

Do you offer catering services for weddings, Christmas parties, etc…?

Yes we do. Please contact our catering service at xxxxx for more information.

Do you provide services for funeral luncheons?

Yes we do. Please email info@redchev.ca or call 519-824-1381

We look forward to working with you to make your event a success.